And so it begins…

Hello fellow humans!

To start this off I just wanted to introduce myself and let people know a little bit about me and why I am starting this journey.

The inspiration for this blog and website is actually a cookbook from back when I was in elementary school. The school sent out letters to the families to submit their favorite recipe and compiled them all into one cookbook that was then given to each student at the school.

I always looked at the cookbook and thought about the families, their traditions and what led them to submit that specific recipe. It almost told a story to me in a sense… Was it a special cake that had been passed down for generations? Was it a celebratory meal that families looked forward to all year long? Or a weekly staple that brought people together? Whatever it was, it had a story. I really believe that food brings people together. And certain foods mean different things to different people.

My hopes in starting this blog is to create a space where people can tell their stories and traditions through cooking and baking. I am looking forward to enjoying the company of others, learning and listening to their stories and eating A TON!

A few things about me…

I love baking and cooking. And eating it all. While growing up my family and I have ALWAYS sat down at the dinner table to eat dinner. Sitting around the table every night created a space where we could all check in with each other. Some days the meals lasted 20 minutes while some others lasted more than an hour! I owe my love for cooking, baking and eating to my family.

I love learning and pushing myself. I went to school for a really long time. I enjoyed the structure, the rules, character building, meeting friends and working hard… If I could go to school for my full-time job I would. Except no homework…

I love listening. I pride myself on being able to give someone my full attention and making them feel heard, if that makes sense. All everyone really wants is to be understood. My mom and dad have taught me this from a young age. Side story! Mom has always asked 1.3 million questions to anyone that she interacts with. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but growing up I was mortified when she would ask my friends about their families, specifics about their classes, the list could go on and on. Once I got past the constantly embarrassed stage of being a middle schooler I realized that what she was doing was actually the most amazing thing. She was making someone feel important and interesting. They truly wanted to learn about them as people and how their lives were going. The best conversations were around our dinner table and it is all because mom and dad took a profound interest in learning about others.

And of course, my love. Kyle. He is a constant inspiration to me in all that I do. He is what I look forward to every day. He helps with motivating me, my baking breakdowns and is my constant sous chef 🙂

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