Week Recap – Vancouver!

Hi Peeps!!!

Kyle and I took a mini honeymoon to Vancouver at the beginning of last week and it was… AWESOME! We are planning a bigger trip to England/Scotland/Ireland for our one-year anniversary but we wanted to take a smaller get-away to qualm my travel bug in the meantime. We are huge Anaheim Ducks fans so we decided to go when they were playing the Vancouver Canucks so we could experience a different arena. But that meant going when it is freezing cold. And I know it really wasn’t THAT cold but for me it was COLD.

Here are some pictures of our trip and a few blurbs about what we did over our five day trip! Also, food… Because they really know how to do food.

Day 1: flying, ramen and Airbnb.

This was a Yelp find… with over 2,000 reviews and 4.5 stars on google. And yes, it was that good! The place is called Marutama Ra-men. There are three location in and around the city as well as internationally in Japan, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia. This place was exactly what we needed after our flight and our first encounter with the cold. Yum!!

Let’s give it a try… YUMMM

Our Airbnb had a drawn map of the city and our host used a laser pointer to show us sights!

Day 2: Lynn Canyon and Granville Island.

Hooray for the bridge holding up!

Lynn Canyon was probably our favorite part of the trip. The park was beautiful! It was the free suspension bridge option in the Vancouver area. There were tons of different hikes, signs and maps posted frequently and lots of trees.

Mmmm beer… Mmm my man….

Day 3: eggs benny and the Seawall.

Kyle loves finding glass, so we walked on the beach and found a lot of fun pieces.

Day 4: Sea to Sky Highway, Squamish and a hockey game!

Ducks v. Canucks! We didn’t even score…. Sad day!

Day 5: bakery and flying.

THE most amazing bakery I have ever been to, Purebread. If this was within an hour of my house I would a) want to work there and b) eat there every day, that is how good it was. And how do you choose?!?! We ended up going here twice because we couldn’t get enough.

That’s the city rising in the distance! Such a clear awesome day!

I have never flown Westjet and will never fly Westjet again. We got to the airport and checked in, easy. When we looked at our seated we realized we would be across the aisle from each other which isn’t ideal but if the flight was booked solid we wouldn’t fuss about it. So we went to the kiosk to change our seats so we could sit next to each other and it cost us each $30 to change our seats!! Rip off. Once we got on to the flight we quickly learned that the flight was nearly empty, legitimately multiple fully open rows. Why would they put us in seats across the aisle from each other? A ploy to get us to change them and charge us……. hmmmm not into it.

All in all, we had an amazing trip! The food was divine. The outdoors was beautiful beyond expectation. The people were friendly. We will be back for you Canada but next time for some national parks like Banff and Jasper!

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