Sprinkles, Lemon Bliss & Boston Cream

Goooood morning fellow earthlings!

When we got home from Vancouver last week I was SO excited to be back in the kitchen baking. Isn’t it funny that before your vacation you literally count down the days until you get to leave but when you are gone you are thinking about how cozy your own bed is… how much you love your little space. Kyle and I had a lot of fun but when we got home it was like how do we ever leave this couch again? Not literally, but we love our little apartment and our routine.

I finished two books in the last month! And only had to renew them once! Take that library.

The first was The Dressmaker’s War by Mary Chamberlain. I could not put this book down! A LOT happened in this book, every time I told Kyle what was going on he was like, “oh s**t!” I really enjoyed this read and would recommend it to anyone who likes period pieces.

The second was She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb. Another one that I could NOT stop reading. But really… I stayed up until 2:00 AM one night reading… on a weeknight! (gasp!) A coming of age story about an overweight girl who finds herself through pain and love. I found myself rooting for her but also extremely frustrated with her, oh Dolores. Read it!

As for baking… I went a little crazy when we got back because I had withdrawals. First, I made some sprinkle cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction. They were listed as Christmas cookies, but I just used rainbow sprinkles instead! I loved the fun, colorful look of these cookies and the basic buttery flavor.

Second bake was a lemon bundt cake, yum. I really love bundt cakes for a few reasons. 1) I am not a fan of regular cake with a bunch of frosting and dry crumby texture. Bundt cakes tend to be heavier and moister in my opinion. 2) Bundt pans make an ordinary cake look regal, I mean look at that! This recipe is from king Arthur Flour and was a piece of cake, get it?

And the third bake of the week was a glorious Boston Creme Pie! My mom’s birthday inspired this one, she was born in the Boston area and we have family there still. So I thought it would be fitting to make her a classic ode to her “blood”, as she calls it. This recipe was another one from my favorite people over at America’s Test Kitchen. There were a few different components to this cake that made me nervous. The first being the pastry cream… I have never made cream on the stovetop, so this was out of my wheelhouse for sure. The instructions were really precise, and the video helped me make sure the consistency looked similar, instilled some confidence. The second… hot milk cakes, which use a lot of milk and the batter was different than anything I have tried before. But I just put faith in following the directions and it all came out perfectly!

Stay tuned for my next recipe, peanut butter delights!

Have a good weekend relaxing and enjoying your time, Tasman

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