Mommy to Bee

Very excited to post this blog about last weekend and baking for a dear friends’ baby shower. I had to call in reinforcements for this… There were to be 35 guests and I knew I was going to need all the hands I could get my hands… on? My dad, mom, sister and husband were all a part of making this order come to life. From washing dishes in our tiny apartment to dipping cake pops to frosting brownies, they were all amazing!

She had a bee themed baby shower which was really cute considering it is spring and it was a beautifully warm blue-skied day. There were veggie platters, olives (yum) and sandwiches for food. And we took care of the desserts. Take a look below at the treats we did for Marilyn on her special day!

The main attraction was the rustic open layered cake pictured above. Three layers of vanilla cake sandwiched with a fluffy yellow tinted vanilla buttercream. I have used this cake recipe before but have never honestly been able to eat it myself because it is always for orders. But I finally got to try it and it was SO yummy. If you have ever had a sprinkle cupcake it is very similar in the fact that it is a little bit denser and WAY moist. Two thumbs up from me and I even had someone ask me for the recipe!

The second task was making something chocolate for the momma-to-be, she has been a chocolate fiend the past month, so she requested brownies. Brownies are my ALL-time favorite dessert so I willingly obliged. I went in search of a recipe that had good reviews and would make a fudgy, rich, moist brownie. I came upon Ina Garten’s on Food Network and decided to go for it, it had over 700 reviews with 4.6 stars. The recipe makes a literal sheet pan full of brownies. If you are looking to feed a crowd this is a good one, if you are just trying to have a casual Friday night dessert, this will need to be halved or even quartered! After I chose her recipe I accidentally, or maybe not, stumbled upon a video of The Pioneer Woman making salted caramel frosted brownies and I knew that I needed to add that frosting… So I used her salted caramel frosting recipe to add just a little something extra delicious to these already rich treats. The end result was a decadent salty but sweet treat that will live on in my dreams for days, weeks, months…

Funfetti cake pops. Who has tried to make cake pops? That s*** is not easy. The cake part is straight forward with the addition of frosting… making the balls is fine and dandy… and then comes the dreaded candy coating. Number one… the balls need to be frozen in order for them to hold their shape and not just fall off the stick. Number two… the consistency of the candy coating is WAY too finicky, not hot enough it is thick and too hot is too thick. So just be a scientist and equate the exact temperate for dipping chocolate for all us peasants out here trying to make a damn cake pop. Besides flooded cookies these are my arch-nemesis, why are they so difficult to master? And why oh why do SO many people love cake pops? Just mush up a piece of cake and voila you have a deconstructed cake pop. Rant is over and done.

The decorations were perfect, the food was delicious, and the occasion was very special. Marilyn is an amazing woman and anyone who has the pleasure of knowing her knows how big her heart is, I am lucky to have her as a friend. Congrats to Aerek and Marilyn on the new addition to your family, we cannot wait to meet the little dude and give him all the loves!

Love ya,


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