Week Recap – 4-Day Weekends

There is something about a 3- or 4-day weekend that makes me giddy. For starters I have a strong belief that there should be at least 3-day weekend once a month… AT LEAST. I coached for a long time and I learned a lot about motivation and drive throughout my experience. There is an art to the give and take of pushing people to their absolute boundaries while also knowing when to ease up and allow there to be some mental recuperation. Since being a grown up I have realized how brutal the day-to-day grind can be and how precious our free time is. Someone throw us a bone and make once a month, three day weekends a thing!! Please! Who do I need to talk to in order for this to happen?

This past (4-day) weekend I got a bake a few things! I had a last-minute order for an Under the Sea 1st birthday party. They requested vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and for hers to be a little bit different than the others. I used Preppy Kitchen’s Vanilla Cake and Buttercream recipes.

I love Preppy Kitchen and I think his cakes are the best. I was upset because I used the recipe with the intention of filling 24 cupcake holders. When the first batch came out I knew I had to start over and double the recipe so I could get actual full cupcakes. Who likes having a cupcake where the cake only comes to half of the wrapper? It isn’t pleasing for the baker when frosting the cupcakes or for aesthetic purposes for the cupcake-eater. So, a word of advice: make a batch and a half if you want the cupcakes to actually have substance.

I simultaneously tackled a 4th of July cake for my family BBQ. I used the same Preppy Kitchen Vanilla Cake Recipe but added my own twist to make it more festive! I decided to use food coloring to add a bit of color to the inside! I divided the batter into three bowls and colored one red and the other blue. For each cake pan I dolloped about 1/4 cup of white and then right in the center of that dollop I added blue and then red; repeating until the batter was all used up! It made a fun design but next time I will probably make it even more crazy by putting the dollops all over.

On Saturday after taking some much needed rest I decide to make a Copycat Lemon Loaf Cake by Averie Cooks. I was given a fun lemon loaf pan by Nordicware (I was going to link to their website but I don’t think they make it anymore… It is considered a collectible on Ebay!) and had been waiting to give it a try… and look how awesome it came out! Next time I will try to bang out some bubbles but for the most part this bake was a beauty. The loaf itself was actually pretty good, a lot of lemon flavor, which came from lemon extract which is helpful but not my favorite to use… The lemon sugar drizzle was what made this loaf so bright and delicious. If you make this loaf you HAVE to make the drizzle.

I will be baking quite a bit more over the coming weeks. Some ideas include a s’more themed post where I try a few different s’mores recipes? Like s’mores egg rolls… s’mores brownies… We shall see where the summer vibes take me!

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