Cinnamon Rolls!

The battle between the cinni-rolls for the best buy and bake cinnamon rolls has commenced. On a lovely day in Southern California five willing participants adorned a blind fold to put their taste buds to the ultimate challenge. Five different variations of cinnamon rolls were baked and iced ready for the participants to judge.

The lineup, in no particular order…

  • Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls
  • Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Rolls
  • Annie’s Organic Cinnamon Rolls
  • Rodhes Frozen Cinnamon Rolls
  • Store-Brand Cinnamon Rolls
Friends meet Dad and Ma!
And my little sista Tatum!

As you can tell we took this very seriously with the blindfold and I was rigorously taking notes on each sound or facial expression they had throughout the tastings. It was a very fun experience!

A breakdown of each… In order from best to least good, because how bad can a cinnamon roll actually get?

Trader Joes

Baking: Bake for 18-20 minutes @ 350 degrees.

Icing: In a plastic baggie, easy to cut a little hole and pipe on each roll.

Judgement: If you are fortunate enough to have access to Trader Joe’s these were tied for 1st. With enough frosting to have some in each bite, the cinnamon flavor was prominent, and the dough was soft and moist. They did not have a weird aftertaste!

Rhodes Frozen

Baking: Place rolls in non-preheated oven and set the oven for 350 degrees, bake for 30-35 minutes.

Icing: In a plastic baggie, easy to cut a little hole and pipe on each roll.

Judgement: Not that easy to find! We had to go to a Target to get these guys… They may sell them at different stores, but we looked it up and knew we could go to Target to find them. They will be in the freezer breakfast section, where you would get waffles and what not. Mom and Tatum thought these were the BEST and kept saying it. I will admit the dough was most similar to freshly made rolls, but Kyle and I thought that they lacked the cinnamon flavor.

Annie’s Organic

Baking: Bake for 20 minutes @ 350 degrees.

Icing: In a plastic baggie, easy to cut a little hole and pipe on each roll.

Judgement: I had preconceived notions that these were going to taste like grass? Anytime I think of a sweet treat made “healthy” I don’t feel like it ever works as good as you hope. But these guys proved me wrong. We actually thought Annie’s were almost the exact same as Trader Joe’s version. Which is good, real good.


Baking: Bake for 15 minutes @ 400 degrees.

Icing: a little plastic tub, needed to use a knife to spread on each one. Not the most user friendly compared to the other squeezy bags.

Judgement: They are not truly a cinnamon roll, they are a solid bun. I think this effected the buns ability to have the really cinnamon-y flavor that a lot of the other buns had. These buns were soft and overall the flavor was sufficient. We all agreed that there was not enough icing on them though.


Baking: Bake for 15-18 minutes @ 400 degrees.

Icing: In a ball shaped plastic baggie, very easy to cut a little hole and pipe on each roll. This was my favorite bag of icing, just solely based off an ease of icing standpoint.

Judgement: meh. There are some store-brand items that you can get away with but this not one of them. I would recommend spending the extra $1 to get the better flavor and texture. We liked how it was an actual cinnamon roll and it did have a prominent cinnamon flavor, but it was dry, and the frosting had a weird aftertaste. Not the best. A lot of us thought these were Annie’s because they tasted “healthy” meaning just a bit off.

There you have it! I know this list is not all-inclusive but we did our best to get a good variety. I hope this helps you on your journey to making the best weekend breakfast!

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