As humans we are creatures of habit and I find Kyle and myself eating out to the same places we know will rock our socks off, like the essential In-N-Out. So I figured it would help push us outside of our comfort zone if I started writing about our experiences. If anyone has any recommendations, please comment below and we will add them to the list!

First up on the list was an easy one and not anything new (whoops) BAGELMANIA! I actually worked here for a few months while getting my masters. It was such an awesome place to work, fast-paced and constantly surrounded by fresh bagels. I got free bagels while working and being the poor college student I was I went on a “bagel diet” which basically consisted of bagels, cream cheese, butter and the occasional orange juice if I was feeling healthy. I gained about ten pounds working there but it was totally worth it!

The Basics

Type: Bagel & Coffee Shop

Address: 8861 Adams Ave Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Hours: Monday-Saturday 5:30 am – 3:00 pm & Sunday 6:00 am – 3:00 pm

Bagel breakdown: 10/10! All of the bagels are delicious in their own way. I have tried them all and they are all amazing. I listed them below just to give you an idea! There are usually one or two rotating bagels that come with the seasons like heart-shaped strawberry bagels for Valentine’s day and pumpkin bagels in October.

  • Regular: Plain, Wheat, Sourdough, Egg
  • Fruity: Blueberry, Honey Raisin, Cinnamon Raisin, Cranberry
  • Savory: Mania (“everything”), Onion, Sesame, Salt, Poppy
  • Specialty (+60 cents): Cheese, Italian, Mexican, Hawaiian

Toppings: 8/10. The ONLY reason I am giving an 8/10 is price… The cream cheeses are perfection with flavors ranging from savory chive to sweet blueberry and beyond. They make those in-house and they are all bomb. They even offer vegan options now which is great for those who feel like they might not be able to enjoy a treat like this. Anyone who loves lox and capers will love their classic ode to the New York specialty, they do not skimp on the quality or serving of either. The veggies are all sliced thin and are fresh, but they charge an arm and a leg it feels like… Before I know it, I spend $7 on a bagel with tomato and onion on it! If you have the time and the patience you can easily replicate those with your own veggies. But for convenience sake this is the best bagel around!

Sandwiches: 9/10! The freshly toasted bagel paired with cheese, egg and meat of choice is a classic option. A lot of people complained about bacon not being a choice when I worked there, not sure what the reasoning is for it but must be significant because people love their bacon. That was Kyle’s only “complaint”, no bacon. They also offer regular sandwiches like turkey, chicken salad and tuna salad on croissants!

Coffee critique: 6/10.I like the self-serve aspect of their coffee but besides that I would not go there specifically to get a coffee. I usually only get one because it is convenient. If I am taking bagels home I just make a cup at home. I also am a fan of really strong coffee so I may be biased.

Overall experience: 9/10! I LOVE Bagelmaina bagels. They are the highest quality bagels around this area that I have tried thus far (and I have tried a lot). The coffee was good enough and the updated ambiance of the interior and patio make it a perfect spot for a quick delicious breakfast or lunch! The fact that it was started by a mother and continues on in the family name by her daughter is also a huge plus, keep up the good work ladies!


  • They sell day old bagels which are just as scrumptious as the same-day bagels for 1/2 the price. They are found on a rack next to the coffee! They are divided by flavor and come in 6-packs. I always get 2 bags, slice and freeze them! To eat just put the frozen bagel in the toaster and toast as you would normally.
  • Park and walk in! I used to work the drive-thru line and it goes off from 7:00am to 12:00pm, no joke. They recently added an employee out in the line to take orders half way through so that may have helped but it is always easier to walk in, in my opinion.

Fun Things:

  • Weirdest order event taken while working was a Mexican bagel, which is jalapeño cheese flavored, with cream cheese and chocolate chips….. WHY
  • They have a seasonal specialty unicorn bagel that will make all of your Pinterest dreams come true.
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